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Ref: Green Gold Social Enterprise: How Clement Matorwmasen empowers rural communities with Moringa PART 1

In this episode meet Clement Matorwmasen, the co-founder of Green Gold Social Enterprise, an agriculture company focused in growing moringa and using moringa as a cash crop to support rural communities. 

Clement started with moringa over 17 years ago because he saw the potential for this plant to change people’s lives and he saw that because of the nutrients in the plant it could really help eradicate poverty and malnutrition in rural settings.

When he started out he actually went to communities and offered to put all the children with symptoms of malnutrition on a moringa diet, just to prove his point. 

In the interview Clement shares

  • How him and his business and life partner Femke which you’ll hear from in the next interview set up Green Gold Social Enterprise
  • How he moved from growing up on the street to become the architect of a rural center for empowerment, which is called Dream Village
  • What helped him build a strong and empowering belief system that is enabling him to lead change in his community and beyond

He also shares what his advice for young people in Ghana is and why we need to get young people out of survival mode into a state of mind where they can dream again.

Clement is such an inspiration and force for empowerment and we hope you enjoy the conversation we had with him as much as we did. And if you do, stay tuned for part two in which we speak with Clement’s partner in business and in life Femke Matorwmasen-Akkermans

And now, without further ado, enter Clement Matorwmasen.