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- The dreamer Who Built A Village From Scratch -
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Ref: The Story of Clement Kwaku Matorwmasen, The dreamer Who Built A Village From Scratch


Clement Kwaku Matorwmasen is a dreamer. He's been dreaming his whole life, and he's been making those dreams come true for the last twenty years.

Clement in 2007, envisioned creating a hub for the old generation to transfer experience and knowledge to the newer generation, it only made sense to createthis hub where a lot of unskilled young people already came to find inspiration and to connect them to the global community.

He grew up in Ghana, a country in Africa that has experienced poverty for generations in some parts of the country especially where Clement Grew up. ButClement didn't see this as an obstacle; he just saw it as another challenge to overcome. He knew that if he had a vision and could find a way to make it happen,then he could make his dreams come true. So that's what he did—he built his own village from scratch!

Clement decided that he wanted to live somewhere where there was plenty of space and peace, so he bought some land near Lake Volta and started building hishome there with the Support of Her beautiful wife. Soon after, other people began buying into Clements vision and wanted to experience it, So Clement keptbuilding more houses in order to accommodate them all!

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