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From Dreams to Impact: Unleashing the Power of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Create a Better World

What is a Legacy?

Well, according to the dictionary is something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or the past.

Definitely, it’s an evocative word that makes us want to leave a mark on this world. In this year of introspection, I find myself thinking: What legacy do we wish to leave behind, and how can we create a transformative impact?

From Challenge to Opportunity: A Lifelong Commitment to Empowerment and Sustainability

My passion is fueled by a fierce commitment to assisting projects that make an impact and helping people along the way. My mission is crystal clear: to meticulously design, skillfully implement, and profoundly impact sustainable and social projects, even in the daunting face of climate change.

Nantong Zuo Community - Green Gold Ghana

This is not just a journey—it's a calling, a life's work marked by an firm and strong belief in the unwritten possibilities of change, where every challenge becomes an opportunity, and compassion guides me every step.

Rocinha Rio de Janeiro

In the depths of my tireless commitment, I find myself on a path illuminated by hope and resilience, determined to break the chains of poverty and work with social and environmental impact. My mission is clear, sculpted in my heart, and echoed in my mind: to conceive and execute sustainable projects that stand as a testament to humanity's capacity for change, even in the face of climate's relentless challenges.

This journey I embark upon is not merely a pursuit; it's an unwritten story of belief and boundless, empathy, and honor for my ancestars. Throughout the daunting difficulties that stand before me, I piece together them into stepping stones, forging a trail toward a more sustainable and everlasting future. Through my constant hard work, I come to understand that even in the harshest of circumstances, the human spirit can rise and blossom, and transformation can take root.

The Green Gold Ghana Project: Bridging Tradition and Technology

Clement Matorwmase embarked on a mission to bring positive change to his homeland

In the heart of Ghana, a transformative initiative has taken root, one that I've had the privilege of being a part of, this is real story that changed my view of social change. I met Clement through the We Make Change website and had the privilege to work with such a great and inspiring man.  He dedicated his life to making a difference in the lives of communities struggling for clean, safe drinking water in Ghana. Clement also worked with the Mastermind Business and Skills Development program tailored to young rural girls/women. He is now launching a program for Regenerative Agriculture in the Dream Village project (I will keep you guys posted on that).

This journey has immersed me in the heart of impact in ways beyond my wildest imagination. The project, for which I had the privilege of assisting in crafting the grant proposal, has now reached its one-year milestone, becoming a resounding reality for thousands in the Community.

 In partnership with BlueGold and Funding support from Grundfos Foundation - PDJF  launches the pilot phase of the first low-cost and organically produced safe drinking water processing system, the very first of its kind in Africa; in the region for the Anyinamae and Boafri communities of the Oti Region, water has been tested and meets World Health Organization standard of safe drinking water, bacteria and chemical free.

This community had endured the breakdown of its public drinking water facility for many years, leaving its children and mothers with no choice but to traverse long distances multiple times a day, carrying murky and disease-ridden water from a local dam. The grim truth is that unsafe water and poor sanitation contribute to 1.5 million deaths annually, with infant and maternal mortality rates soaring. These severe realities are fueled by the fact that over 844 million people still lack access to basic drinking water services, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

This powerful story and the amazing work of Matorwmasen Clement for social change was unfolded before my eyes—a story born from the shared determination of a man and a community longing for a brighter future. The Water project is the embodiment of this collective spirit, a testament to what can be achieved when focusing to resolve a problem meeting the innovation aspect of real social tecnology.

So what was beautiful is that our journey began with a simple yet transformative vision—to merge cutting-edge technology with age-old wisdom. In this remote corner of Africa, where water scarcity was a daily struggle, we set out to integrate solar-powered smart technology with traditional hand-pumps, all connected to boreholes drilled deep into the earth. The result? A lifeline to clean, accessible water that has forever altered the landscape of this community.

But our commitment to change didn't stop at providing clean water. It extended to the very earth beneath our feet. Thousands of trees now stand tall, a symbol of environmental restoration and renewal. These trees are not just a means to combat deforestation; they represent a promise—a promise that reaches far beyond the possibilities of our project.

Our mission finds its perfect harmony with Sustainable Development Goal number 6, a global aspiration to ensure sustainable water supplies and uplift communities. The impact of our efforts resonates through the generations, with newfound opportunities for food security and employment blossoming in the region.

As a passionate mission driven woman, I have the privilege of bearing witness to the profound transformations brought throught Green Gold water project. I've listened to the stories of those it has touched. This transformation ripples through every facet of their existence. With the specter of waterborne diseases banished, families can now bathe, cook, and nurture their children.

It's the realization of dreams that every mother aspires to—a healthier, cleaner environment where education becomes a real possibility. The Water project by Green Gold isn't just about water; it's a testament to the resilience of communities, the power of innovation, the promise of food security and the hope for tomorrow.

The Power of Empowerment:

Empowerment is more than just a concept; it's the fusion of passion and firm purpose that can drives societies forward.

Through my journey, I've come to understand that making the world better isn't a solitary endeavor; it's a symphony of collaboration. It's about communities, individuals, and organizations coming together with a shared vision of uplifting each other and creating a positive change.

Dare to Dream, Take Bold Action, Seized the moment.

To know more about Clement, check out a documentary film called Zongo, which features his story (read more about: