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- Loud Silence -
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Loud Silence

In the quiet echoes of my soul, I've discovered a truth profound,
That in helping others, in giving, our own joy does resound.
But what lies beneath the surface, behind the scenes, concealed,
Are the struggles and vulnerabilities, the truths we've never revealed.
For in this age of social screens, of likes and polished grace,
We rarely glimpse the shadows, the struggles we must face.
It's a world of perfect stories, where only success we share,
While in our hearts, we bear the weight of burdens hard to bear.
To ask for help, it takes a toll, a courage few can see,
In an era of fleeting glances, where empathy might not be.
I jest, "It's hard to be a beggar with pride," and yet it's true,
For I'm not begging for myself; my dreams depend on you.
The crossroads of my journey, they beckon, a tempting choice,
To tread the path of riches, where many hearts rejoice.
I could sell lands, build estates, exploit what nature gives,
But that's not who I am, it's not the life I want to live.
Or shall I forge a different way, build businesses that mend,
Succeed, and then return, as a savior, on whom they can depend?
This constant contemplation, it challenges my core,
To remain self-sufficient or choose to give even more.
Answers elude me, and here I stand, just ranting in the dark,
Wondering if I'm alone, if others share this spark.
Shall we return to business usual, does that mean we lack the fire,
The passion burning deep within, our truest, grand desire?
I've always held the theory, "If it were easy, all would partake,"
But this journey, it's a labyrinth, with twists that make me quake.
Fifteen years of selfless work, no income, no sure ground,
Sometimes it drives me mad, this purpose I have found.
I've trained others, seen them thrive, secure in their employ,
It's not about the jobs we find; it's dreams we must deploy.
If it were just for me, I'd have enough to feed my kin,
But is that pride or hero's heart, this turmoil deep within?
Two roads diverge before me, in this golden, wooded place,
Each one a choice, a destiny, a journey to embrace.
May you, too, find the path that lights your dreams aglow,
Together, we'll craft the world, the one we all yearn to know.
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